Social Psychology of Emotion. What We feel, When We feel and How We feel

Social Psychology of Emotion. What We feel, When We feel and How We feel

Autors: Octavian Rujoiu

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-527-8

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This book represents a multidimensional approach of the way of understanding how emotions take place in our life. The implications of private and social aspects of emotions are discussed from the perspective of theories, intercultural context and individual health.

Often, in public sphere the emotion of shame, guilt, embarrassment and fear are brought into discussion in describing certain situations, experiences of life or different happened events. From mass-media, on the street or from work, to different discussion with friends, colleagues and relatives, we do notice, at some point, messages which include these concepts. What do they tell us? If are with referring on the self, sometimes, we look with cautious and try to understand in what way we are involved. Other times, we react rapidly without paying much attention to the situation. From a simple penalty to a short warning, directly or indirectly, our behaviors are changed. When are not with referring on the self, we act differently, sometimes even more critically than usual. When we see a inappropriate behavior around us, we are willing, depending on the consequences, to interfere  in managing of the situation. Otherwise, we feel a slight guilt or we put our lack of involvement on the fact that we could not change something anyway. Maybe, we take into account just a simple warning as follows: You are guilty about what happened!, You are not ashamed about what you done?, You are not afraid? or I am ashamed of his shame! What is the meaning of these in social interactions? (Lecturer Octavian Rujoiu, PhD)

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