Public Institutions Finances. Syntheses, applications

Public Institutions Finances. Syntheses, applications

Autors: Costantin Roman, Roxana Narcisa Mosteanu

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-610-7

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 This paperPublic Institutions Finances. Syntheses, applications” treats in a particular sense the extremely complex public entities subject. Administrative structures from Romania, their role, place and functions according to the national and international referentials are presented in this book. As instruments used in managing stock movements within public entities are shown regulations, features and characteristics of the presentation of applied studies on administrative procurement contracts, concessions, leases, etc. We can also find the latest approaches regarding control and financial audit of public institutions.

This book addresses specialists from public administration, students and graduates and various postgraduates, masters and doctoral students.

Using International Accounting Standards and Financial Reporting developed for public sector this book brings important theoretical and practical clarifications in finance and accounting of public entities.

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