Quality management and value engineering

Quality management and value engineering

Autors: Ion Ionita

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-026-6

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The book is designed for students and for those admitted to the school master and doctor, who want to learn in the field of quality management and value engineering, and can also be used by production and research specialists who are interested in this field.
The first part, Quality management, begins with the evolution of the concept of quality and organization systems of control quality in organizations. A significant share in this paper is given to international standards of quality and European approaches to quality field. The paper presents the main ISO standards in the last issue, the principles of quality management, national and European quality infrastructure, including the European system of certification as specialists in quality. It also presents widely the methodology for implementation and certification of quality system in organizations, how to do audits on products, processes and quality system, the documents of quality system. Here is an analysis of the efficiency of quality systems and a presentation of statistical tools used in the analysis of continuous quality improvement.
In the second part of the book, Value engineering, are presented the theoretical basis, the methodology for implementing the products and case studies. The inclusion of this part in a work about quality management is very useful, because engineering is the largest value method of design / redesign the products for improve their quality and efficiency. The value engineering is studying goods from social needs, of their functions, the services they need to bring the end user to ensure full satisfaction. Value engineering concept of value gets a different interpretation than the one known in normal speech, linked to the context in which it is considered to be evaluated by consumers. Thus, increased when the functions are in perfect accordance with the processes, resources and objectives.
Moreover, in EN ISO 9000:2005 is expressly mentions the use of value analysis / value engineering as a method of improving the quality.

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