ISSN: 1582-3458 print, 2601-0968 online, ISSN-L 1582-3458

Review issued quarterly a year + supplement

Review of International Comparative Management is a quality and impact publication within the academic field in Romania, which aims to support a wide range of Romanian and foreign specialists to disseminate the results of their research and experience, in order to provide the necessary support for developing the economic and management science under the circumstances of knowledge – based economy.

The review is being published since 2000, under the coordination of Excellency Romanian National Centre for Comparative Management Studies (ERNCCMS) and with the support of The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, targeting to be the main Romanian review specialized in management field. The frequency is of four issues per year, which are dedicated to the general management topics. Additionally, it is published a fifth issue, volume that is usually dedicated to international comparative management.

RICM's mission is to develop a high performance management within organizations from Central and Eastern European. The new approach is especially based on modern managerial techniques used in world-wide competitive companies, especially in European Union, USA and Japan. 

By publishing the review, ERNCCMS aims to achieve the following objectives:
• development of the research school in the field of comparative management in Romania;
• improvement in the training process for professors, specialists, consultants who teach in or deal with international comparative management;
• sensibilisation of managers, entrepreneurs and other experts with regard to the cultural similarities and difficulties among different regions, countries, and their impact over business relationships;
• amplification and acceleration of international managerial know-how transfer.

Review of International Comparative Management comprises a range of articles written by management experts and professors, researchers, students, managers, entrepreneurs and other categories of persons interested in the field of management, generally, and of comparative management, particularly.

Among the authors that had contributed to RICM’s development we mention: Prof. Ovidiu Nicolescu, Ph.D., Prof. Ion Verboncu, Ph.D., Prof. Ion Roºca, Ph.D. Senior lecturer Marian Nãstase, Ph.D., Prof. Jacques Louis Filion, Ph.D., Prof. Lester Lloyd Reason, Ph.D., Prof. J. Hanns Pichler Ph.D. a.s.o.

The studies and articles published in this review aim to:
• treat in a comparative approach management phenomenon, systems, relationships from at least two countries;
• present managerial approaches, methods and techniques that form the object of international managerial know-how transfer;
• ensure the international transfer of managerial know-how.

At present, RICM is ranked by CNCSIS (Romanian Research Center for Higher Education) as being a B+ publication, which is the highest performance level, excepting ISI publications.
At present, the review is being included in international scientific databases, which is the last step towards achieving ISI ranking, the highest level of performance for academic publications.

RICM invites the specialists, interested in the field of comparative management, to contribute with articles to next issues.

Director of the Review,
Senior lecturer Marian NÃSTASE, Ph D.