Re-spiritualization. Learn to be human

Re-spiritualization. Learn to be human

Autors: Constantin Popescu, Alexandru Tasnadi

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-164-5

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Re-spiritualization for us, as for many other researchers of natural-human and social life, is an idea whose time was brought about by the de-spiritualization of our behaviour during the past cycle of evolution.
Re-spiritualization is the call inside our consciousness that has seen that systemic pollution, technical-cosmic arming, wars, global poverty and many other „evils” that are threatening life as a living whole have not come from heaven, they are not God’s will, but the darkest expression of the de-spiritualization of the human being, that has come to use scientific knowledge to destroy hope. Re-spiritualization is a matter of human, individual and communitarian responsibility for which there is no substitute, as no one can escape the consequences of one's choices.
As a vital process in the reconstruction of the Romanian society, and not only,  human re-spiritualization has to start with a new system of values, through which people want to fulfil their life imperatives concerning  work, living in community, and love, animated by feelings of social communion and human solidarity.

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