Recruitment and Selection. Strategies for Performance in Service Organizations

Recruitment and Selection. Strategies for Performance in Service Organizations

Autors: Catalina Nicoleta Brindusoiu

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-524-7

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This book is focused on designing a new conceptual model regarding recruitment and selection in services sector, a strategic model that will mainly follow long term objectives.
The first chapter specifies the characteristics and challenges of the present economy, emphasizes the role of the human being in service organizations and his values regarding labor. The second chapter summarizes the methodology of staffing activities, grouped into four main categories: pre-recruitment, recruitment, selection and induction. Having clarified the processes, the third chapter captures various strategic options regarding recruitment and selection that organizations can adopt in the context of specific factors. In addition, the chapter introduces the staff turnover concept, a phenomenon closely linked to the recruitment and selection manner. The fourth chapter clarifies the general notion of performance and customizes it to the services sector. Furthermore, it presents the results of numerous studies regarding the effects of various elements of staffing activities on performance and makes an inventory of recruitment and selection performance evaluation models that currently exist.
The last chapter develops an integrated perspective on recruitment and selection strategies in services sector (third sector) and proposes a model for developing them in the service sector. Moreover, the final chapter argues for a change of attitude regarding the human role in service organizations and the organizations' responsibility to people.

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