Relationship marketing: an approach from bank financial field

Relationship marketing: an approach from bank financial field

Autors: Alina Filip

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-195-9

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The purpose of  this work is to prove the usefulness of the relational marketing approach in finance and banking and to promote this concept as the latest step in the evolution of marketing literature and practice. Under these guidelines, organizational objectives are moving towards developing a portfolio of profitable and mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and other partners of the company's interest. The need to have loyal customers is explained by favorable effects of customer retention on the stability and profitability of organizations and also by increasing the costs of the attraction of customers in many economic sectors.

Choosing the context for the development of content of this book took as its starting point the features that characterize the business in this area of activity, and the emphasized dynamism experienced internationally by the financial and banking industries, dynamism resulted in a series of major changes in the legislative, technological and competitive field.
By its content, approach and form, this book addresses to a wide audience, consisting of students, master degrees, but also practitioners in the field of marketing and financial services and banking.

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