Romania's economy and the European Union / Vol 6

Romania's economy and the European Union / Vol 6

Autors: prof. univ. dr. Coralia Angelescu (coord), prof. univ. dr. Dumitru Ciucur (coord)

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 973-594-599-1 /978-973-594-947-1

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The volume brings together studies that show a general feature set available, in order to enable understanding: strategy integration of Romania in Economic and Monetary Union: a general equilibrium model applied - where Romanian agriculture in context of EU accession, the economic relevance of the interest, introduction to the theory of optimum currency areas-integration costs and benefits of EMU, the factors of catching-up and the horizon to achieve European averages, flexible-requirement current labor market, the privatization of economic reform in China, the globalization effect of converging actions etc.
The authors get interesting conclusions and useful new economic resources and availability that may be able to turn through the contribution of creators-researchers and by attracting economic circuit in a specific manner, allocating their consumption of destinations corresponding to predetermined national modern economic units.

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