Romanian Emigration. Economic and Demographic Implications

Romanian Emigration. Economic and Demographic Implications

Autors: Monica Roman, Zizi Goschin, Mihai Roman, Aura Popa, Bogdan-Vasile Ileanu

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-534-6

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Romanian migration complexity and scope has very important implications on the social, economical and demographical levels and has recently attracted the interest of both Romanian and foreign researchers. This paper aims to be an original contribution to existing scientific literature, focused on the most important economical and demographical aspects that generates migration: remittances, economic development, and the brain drain. Methods that most reliably respond to these analysis are quantitative ones, leading to the application of single or multiple linear regression, logistic regression, parametric correlations or factor analysis.
Data used for application and validation of econometric models are both macro and micro economic, being exploited by a number of national and international resources. In addition to statistics published by institutions such as the Romanian National Statistics Institute, EUROSTAT, World Bank, OECD, International Organization for Migration, the paper exploits two micro-basis papers, respectively The Living Abroad Temporarily 1996-2006 published by the Soros Foundation and the National Study of Immigration 2010 published by Spanish National Institute of Statistics. Moreover, this paper capitalizes utilizes data from the online survey Romanian Emigrants Study, conducted under the research contract ID_1829/2008, “The effects of labor migration and demographic changes on the dynamics of economic structures”, which ran between 2008 and 2011.

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