Russian. Speech development. Intensive course of Russian

Russian. Speech development. Intensive course of Russian

Autors: Ion. I. Jurconi, Florina Mohanu, Zinaida Tamara Fedot

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-027-3

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The book includes numerous lexico-grammar exercises, on the various situations (let's get acquainted, how we handle in a store, a restaurant or hotel, a clinic, how can we talk about family, about food, about shopping, post office, television, newspapers, about housing, about urban transport, health, on holidays, on vacation, about Russia, about Moscow, about yourself).  The paper gives examples of language cliché, expressing agreement, disagreement, closing phrases for different circumstances.
The book is developed in accordance with Russian Language discipline, addressing students in business and economics, but also to other people interested in starting and improving knowledge in the field.

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