Autors: Adela Bâra, Iuliana Botha, Anca-Georgiana Fodor, Ion Lungu, Simona Oprea

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0133-6

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This manual contains problems solved with SQL (Structured Query Language) from Oracle. There is utilized a database structure, designed by the authors, from the banking field and the programs are created using Oracle SQL Developer. Programs written by the authors are presented in a logical sequence and include database creation, creation and updating of database objects, data update, implementing relational operators, functions utilization, subqueries treatment, methods of data selection and browser hierarchical tables. The paper pays special attention to the aspects of optimizing database structure and data access time.


Learning based on this manual, that contains problems already solved, is a method that allows students to quickly and easily assimilate a programming language. This paper is necessary to course and laboratory activities to faculties of computer science, to develop students skills that will help them become successful business analysts, designers and programmers. Also it is useful to all computer specialists who work with databases.

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