School teaching and economic education

School teaching and economic education

Autors: Maria Liana Lacatus

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-187-4

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This paper presents the status of economic education and the challenges which it must respond to them, considering the circumstances in which today's world evolves and expectations to bound.
Economic approach to education is complemented by a number of details concerning the investment in education (with special reference to investment in human capital): the status of positive externality of education and its condition as a public good, characterized by non-rivalry and non-exclusion; achieving undergraduate education, in this case (which is the area of discussion in this paper) by public financing; how the law of demand and supply operate in such circumstances, and expanding choice of subjects education by increasing the share of factors and private management, decentralization and individual choice.
Multiple roles (producers, consumers, taxpayers, employees, depositors, citizens, etc.) that the current subjects of economic education in undergraduate school will have to fulfill in real life are pointed to lock the discussion about objectives of economic education, spirit and best means of achieving them.

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