Sociological Research Methods and Techniques

Sociological Research Methods and Techniques

Autors: Toma Roman

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-255-0

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This volume aims ownership by students, but also for those interested in this area, the main methods, techniques and procedures of sociological research, and skill training necessary to achieve studies and social analysis..

Sociological methods correspond to different ways to approach social reality, the social facts and, therefore, be used: the method of observation and sociological experiment, the method of sociological investigation, methods presented in detail in this volum. In the third chapter are given the stages of an investigation conducted by questionnaire, and the issues of sociological research monograph is presented in the last chapter, in the form of measurable results.

The researcher must know how to use the cumulative method, when to resort to a technique or another.

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