Software packages and applications on SAS

Software packages and applications on SAS

Autors: Ileana Adina Uta, Anca Ioana Andreescu, Simona Vasilica Oprea

Year of appearance: 2018

ISBN: 978-606-34-0252-4

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The book "Software packages and applications on SAS" is organized into four chapters covering general concepts on software packages as well as the use of the SAS Enterprise Guide product and the SAS programming language.

Chapter I is dedicated to basic concepts on software packages, presenting definitions and notions as well as classification of software products from various points of view. Since the choice of a software product from a multitude of products of the same type can be quite difficult, this chapter presents different software quality criteria, from the user's point of view, possible criteria for choosing software products, and in assessing their performance. There are presented ways to store and diffuse software products, aspects of the concept of "Cloud Computing" (types, features, premises, benefits and limitations). At the end of this chapter there are presented the legal provisions on the protection of copyright in computer programs ("Law on Copyright and Related Rights") and the main types of software licenses in this area.

Chapter II and III present various features of software packages for analytical processing, respectively software packages for statistical processing or optimization as well as ERP software packages.

Chapter IV is dedicated to SAS Enterprise Guide software and SAS programming, including SAS architecture, components and features, as well as the use of the SAS Enterprise Guide (data access, data preparation for analysis: queries, data processing and customization of results, graphics and maps creation, as well as SAS programming concepts and working with SAS programs both in SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio.

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