Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing

Autors: Mihaela Constantinescu, Cristian Dragos Gheorghe

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-873-6

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Increasing public participation in sport (both as an active participant and as a spectator), increasing leisure time and the sport attractiveness for the business environment have led to the creation of a large market, where marketing plays a central role.

The forfeiture occurred in Romanian sports is very much influenced by the difficult financial situation that clubs and federations have to struggle with, considering that most major sporting structures in Romania depend on funding from the state budget. In a country like the United States, there are no such problems, first of all because sponsorship has an essential role in sport financing. The major problem faced by the Romanian sport can be solved by incorporating the marketing orientation within the management process of sport organizations.This book addresses sport marketing from two perspectives: first, marketing for sport: marketing activities adapted and applied to an entity operating in sport: organization, federation, association, professional athletes, etc.; second, marketing through sport: using sport as a tool to promote products / services or the overall image of a company that does not necessarily activates in sport.

On the economic level, this paper points out that in Romania sport can be a potential factor for success, whether we speak about its development as a sector of activity, or its utility as an enhancer of non-sports marketing activities.

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