Statistical Methods with applications in Tourism Management

Statistical Methods with applications in Tourism Management

Autors: Silvia Elena Cristache

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-126-3

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The book represents a development of  the paper  "Statistical methods with applications in tourism management", previously published, and is represented in a collection of theoretical and practical studies and research that uses methods and statistical techniques simple and complex as decision support in the management of tourism activity.
The material has applications in  tourism both in simple statistical techniques, descriptive and complex data analysis methods, such as index method, the method correlation and regression, time series analysis.
The volume is, on the one hand, a practical guide for conducting a comprehensive statistical study and effective, appropriate characterization of tourism in Romania, and on the other hand, a guide for the application of statistical methods for sample collection and interpretation of data about tourist activity in Romania, so as to obtain useful information for making optimal management decisions.

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