Strategic management for local communities

Strategic management for local communities

Autors: Constantin Marius Profiroiu, Ruxandra-Irina Popescu (editors)

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0110-7

Size: 14,8/21 cm

Pages: 216

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The book includes specialized studies in the field of public administration and management grouped in four sections: strategy planning for local public administration, public services, urban development, human resources in the public sector, and it adresses current issues, of which we mention: benchmarking in public administration, the involvement of NGOs in the contemporary society, the public service of heat supply, the energy efficiency – a challenge for local authorities.

This book is addressed to specialists and practitioners in the field of administration and public management and represents a valuable bibliographic material for the students of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and not only.

It can be consulted in full-text format on the CEEOL platform:

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