Strategic planning in the public sector

Strategic planning in the public sector

Autors: Stefan Gabriel Burcea (coordonator), Valentina Ivan, Ana-Madalina Potcovaru

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-34-0303-3

Size: 14,8/21 cm

Pages: 147

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Understanding and applying strategic planning tools and methods have become absolutely necessary to ensure the well-being of local communities, but also for institutional development and improving administrative capacity at central, regional and local levels. The topics covered consider essential aspects of strategic planning, such as: the differences between public and private sector, methods and tools for analyse the strategic planning process, consacrated models of strategic planning and management, the role and contribution of stakeholders, strategic planning public institutions in Romania, with emphasis on the deficiencies that characterize this process, but also the particular aspects regarding the strategic planning in the central and local administration at European and world level.

Strategic planning in the public sector is a work conceived and approached in a pragmatic manner, alternating theoretical aspects with topics of discussion and concrete examples, in order to stimulate the reader's strategic thinking ability and to offer him a higher degree of understanding the main issues in strategic planning.

The book is useful to all those interested in the wide and complex topics of strategic planning: bachelor and master students in administrative sciences, PhD students who research and deepen the topic of strategic planning and management, experts and consultants in strategic management who collaborate with public institutions and authorities, members of non-governmental organizations involved in strategic planning processes in the non-profit sector or in the public sector, as well as managers and civil servants who have responsibilities regarding strategic planning and management.

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