Study on recovery through passive rest to students aged 18-20 years

Study on recovery through passive rest to students aged 18-20 years

Autors: Viorela-Elena Popescu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-599-5

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                Recovery is a concept that belongs to both physical education activity and sport, as part of the same formative driving competitive activity. The recovery process is complex, systematic, educational and medical, bringing together educational measures and means, applied to restore the biological balance of the body, at the homeostasis level (before exercise) and even exceeding this threshold (overcompensation).
Passive Rest – Sleep – is a normal physiological state, following the daily activities that are more or less demanding, which repairs the nervous system, driven by the imperative need to rest. Sleep serves the entire body through its effects on all human body systems and organs; it is essential for recovery and can not be replaced by any other means of regeneration.
Sleep deprivation damages mental processes, creative and innovative thinking, causing varied tracks on the behavior of the young people. The negative effects of incomplete recovery through sleep reflects on professional and exercise capacity.
This book proposes to raise awareness of the means of inducing sleep. This means are a necessity in the everyday life of young people. For greater efficiency of sleep it is necessary after a day of exercise (physical, mental, stress etc.) to perform some stretching, breathing, meditation exercises etc., one hour before bedtime.

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