Sustainability Reporting. A case for corporate accountability

Sustainability Reporting. A case for corporate accountability

Autors: Voicu-Dan Dragomir

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-533-9

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Corporate transparency and accountability are two elements which support each other. Transparency strengthens accountability by facilitating external monitoring, while responsibility increases the degree of transparency by providing the managers with incentives that their intentions are well disseminated and understood by the stakeholders.

In the area of corporate governance, the notions of transparency and accountability must be understood in a wide normative context, which includes financial instruments, accounting, and social and environmental responsibility.

This book tries to unify these elements by offering insights on the ethical nature of the relationship between accountability and transparency, in the context of the newest developments in the European Union. The mixed approach – law interpretation, essay and critique – seeks to create a complex image on the phenomenon of corporate disclosure, by offering several methodological instruments for deciphering this crucial aspect of economic life. Finally, these contributions are meant to be a useful instrument for anyone seeking to understand the implications of increased disclosure quality.

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