Sustainability and Innovation in the International Business Environment

Sustainability and Innovation in the International Business Environment

Autors: Ana Maria Marinoiu, Alina Irina Popescu

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-34-0278-4

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 410

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The aim of the book is to address those who are engaged in economic activities at national and international levels, especially current and future international business specialists, trying to provide a comprehensive presentation of the components of the international business environment in a dynamic and evolving perspective.

The presentation and the analysis of the ways in which the macro-environmental forces influence the operations of an international company on both the home and host country markets are conducted in ten chapters, each component of the macro-environment being extensively addressed in a separated chapter. The need to ensure sustainability has already begun to transform the competitive landscape and forces companies to rethink their products, services, processes, and business models, and this requires innovation which is considered to be the key to progress. Sustainability is seen as the new frontier of innovation, and both have a major impact on the ever more internationalized business environment.

The book aims to engage the readers by combining the theoretical fundamentals (concepts, theories and analysis tools) in the field of international business environment with practical (managerial) application, international orientation and examples and real case studies from the experience of national economies and multinational and global companies.

The book has the following structure:

Foreword – Why sustainability and innovation and their impact on the business environment?

Chapter 1. Introduction to the international business environment

Chapter 2. The effects of globalisation on the international business environment

Chapter 3. The economic environment of international business

Chapter 4. The political environment and its influence on international business

Chapter 5. The international cultural environment

Chapter 6. The influence of the evolution of the socio-demographic environment on the performance of international business

Chapter 7. The legal environment of the international business

Chapter 8. Innovation and technology in international business

Chapter 9. Ethics and corporate social responsibility in international business

Chapter 10. Ecology and climate change.

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