Techniques of statistical analysis of environmental benefits

Techniques of statistical analysis of environmental benefits

Autors: Giani Gradinaru

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-019-8

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The company is currently facing several major challenges, which we must face in perspective, to ensure conditions for sustainable development. Deteriorated environmental elements (water, air, soil, biodiversity) is an ongoing concern of the specialized agencies, both nationally and internationally.
The book opens with a framework for analysis (typology of environmental benefits and steps of statistical analysis of environmental benefits). Are set then the value of environmental goods and services (concepts used in estimating value, discounting future benefits) and techniques based on the availability of pay (market value, the need for recreation, hedonic price, preventive behavior, the cost of illness). In the last chapter are presented techniques based on demographic tools.
Character of novelty found in the paper is the way the author managed to identify ways of applying statistical and demographic instrument to analyze different categories of environmental benefits.

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