Tennis for Beginners

Tennis for Beginners

Autors: Neluta Smidu, Danut Smidu

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0118-3

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TENNIS (lawn or field tennis) it is a part of the big family sports games; it could be an individual or a team game (doubles). By the tehnical and tactical processes used during the game and by the purpose of the preparation and the actual game, the tennis have a double meaning: it is a model of a gym class and a sport.

The tennis is a sport that can be played at any age, from the 7 to 70 and over that limit, because it doesen’t involve too much effort. Playing tennis improves the movement abilities like speed, resistence, strength and coordinative capacity, helping to achieve skills like power and speed. All aspects of the content and from the form of presentation are systematized by classical and modern tennis tehniques. Special tehnical processes from tennis are always accompanied by methodical recomandation.

The work through its content is structured on several chapters, detailing the history of tennis, the characteristics and trends in the evolution of tennis, the methodical aspects specific to the initiation, learning and consolidation of simple game play at beginners. For a more comprehensive technical analysis, in the description of technical procedures, the authors used a series of photographs and drawings.

The stages of learning to perform the correct and effective blows are done in certain stages (starting from the low to the increased complexity): learning the stroke mechanism; strengthening and refinement of strikes in isolated game conditions; strengthening and refining blows in gaming; game with theme and verification. The authors presented a series of data on playing materials and surfaces as well as the rules for playing tennis.


This book deserves to be used as a bibliographic material to help students, teachers, instructors who train and train young talents for performance tennis.

Hope that this work will provide students and university teachers a model of a theoretical and methodical material, that can be used in preparation of future tennis players.

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