The Management of Public Investments

The Management of Public Investments

Autors: Cristina Alpopi

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-845-3

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This book intends to be a support for future specialists, who will occupy positions in public administration and will face specific problems of investment field, namely students of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management, but also to all those interested in this field.

Studying ways of financing investment is one of the key aspects of any investment project, which requires a comprehensive analysis in order to identify the optimal solution. This work shows sectorial applications of public investment.

There are considered domestic sources of financing public investments, external sources and are presented the international credit institutions for financing investment.

The author presented, in a synthetic mode some specific problems of public investment projects in sectors like: transport, energy, water, industry, agriculture, health system, natural resources and environment and cultural goods.

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