The bet Paris: textual harmonies

The bet Paris: textual harmonies

Autors: Mariana Perisanu

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-903-7

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This book brings together destinies of some Romanian writers in Paris, along with that of Brancusi, who stunned the world with his metaphors in stone, Balzac's, arrived in Paris from province, like many of his heroes, the writer and journalist Robert Sole, who left Egypt in his youth.
Writing in French was for them a personal choice and the bet to Paris has changed their lives completely. They believed in their artists destiny and the city of lights was best to win this bet.
Paris bets were won by Martha Bibescu, Elena Vacarescu, George Enescu and Elvira Popescu, all these "escu" become "ESCO" (primarily for reasons of euphony), which fed with their Romanian talent an already rich soil, in which their art glow with a rich brightness.
Contemporary authors such Dumitru Tepeneag, Bujor Nedelcovici, George Astalos, Matthew Visniec, wrote in French and Romanian, in the Europe where Levant and Western mix not only for the elite. "Little Paris", such as Bucharest and Cairo, in the early twentieth century, repeat itself, and the move center / periphery gets new meanings our globalized world.

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