The economic and social potential of the applied languages

The economic and social potential of the applied languages

Autors: Violeta Negrea

Year of appearance: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-34-0403-0

Size: 14/21

Pages: 192

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Our project aims at the re-evaluation of the ”applied laguage” curricular subject for the non-philological faculties which takes into account the contribution of the linguistic and communication competences to a successful career development.

The fast development of the specific professional terminology, its global dimensions, target  the new cognitive contents  and the  flexible improvement of specialized  language understanding and appropriate use.

The pluri- and cross disciplinary approach suggest the value of the relationship between language and critical thinking, in an explicit way, which makes the applied language a linguistic representation of knowledge and a consistent factor of production.

The book is addressed to the applied English language  teachers, linguists and students planning a career in the domain, and to the institutional language policy makers.

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