The integration of management information systems on the Internet

The integration of management information systems on the Internet

Autors: Alexandru Gavrila

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-34-0034-6

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The growing need for information for management of a company, in view of the acute competition and increased globalization have led to a continuous evolution of classic management systems to systems that allow evaluation of business performance, while ensuring customer satisfaction and also to the systems that ensure the continuing supervising of activities and performance of competing companies. A management system meets its requirements if its purpose is to resolve all significant problems for producers and also for customers. The dynamics of customer relationship has been fundamentally altered by the emergence of the Internet, encompassing features of a new channel of communication (information) with those of a place in which effective marketing actions are made.

The book "The integration of management information systems on the Internet" presents in the first chapter developments in management information systems from the appearance of transactional systems in the 50s and up to modern integrated management systems nowadays. In Chapter 2, analysis is performed on the process of designing management systems. The analysis assumes detailed knowledge of the requirements and restrictions of the company for whom we are projecting the system. There are presented methods of hierarchical design (Generation I), the systemic one (generation II) and in particular the methods of object oriented design (Generation III). Also shown is the life cycle of a computer system and it’s three important periods: design, execution and maintenance. Chapter 3 is dedicated to the technologies needed to build Web applications. The international standard for electronic document interchange, EDI, contains specific functions required to work electronic data interchange. It is also presented the platform created by Microsoft for the development of web applications, namely the .NET platform. This one, along with other technologies studied, those for hosting applications intended to be run on the web – Microsoft Internet Information Server – and database management system SQL Server, also made by Microsoft, is in the author's opinion the most modern, fastest and most efficient way for an enterprise to create a satisfactory presence on the web.

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