The practice of optimization computer applications

The practice of optimization computer applications

Autors: Ion Ivan, Catalin Boja

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-932-7

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Structured in fourteen chapters, the book presents gradually the problem of optimizing computer applications, considered as a whole, in which input data are basic components in the processing and the user is the central element whose degree of satisfaction should be maximized by volume, quality and conditions of carrying out the interaction with a workstation.
Directions to be followed by practitioners who develop software and database designs, interfaces, web applications are presented in "Conclusions".
The bibliography at the end of the work covers topics area developed in chapters. In the field of optimizing computer applications the authors carried out a sustained research, and the results of this research is presented in various papers at national and international scientific sessions and published articles in professional journals. These papers and articles are found in the bibliography of this book.
This work is well written, with a chained logic of ideas, and is particularly useful for computer scientists interested in software and database design.

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