The significance of the work of Adam Smith

The significance of the work of Adam Smith

Autors: Mara Magda Maftei

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-924-2

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This book theme is research the work significance of the great economist Adam Smith and correlation with some considerations of a few economists who questioned it, or used it as a starting point in building their economic systems.
Demonstration of Smith's unitary work, of the environment in which was formed the economist and his reflection on his economic system was a priority for the author, who are trying to achieve a unified analysis, with emphasis on consistency between economic, philosophical and literary writings of A. Smith.

Volume structure is the following: an introduction, four chapters, the final conclusions and bibliography.
The first chapter presents the economic, political, social, ideological climate of the century when Adam Smith unfolded his activity, biographical data, works of Smith, and the field of economic research; Chapter 2 exposes the methods used by A. Smith in his work, while Chapter 3 presents the main theories that interferes and interacts each other, governed by the principles of the invisible hand, personal interest, division of labor, voluntary exchange and free competition, so as the last chapter expose the orientation from last period of his life, focusing on areas of government action and analyzing the structure of expenditure and public revenue and the tax system that was further developed by economists. 

Through the book "Wealth of Nations" and his other works, A. Smith remains an influential figure in the history of economic thought. Smith once again becomes current in the context of new competitive market economy.

The volume of Mara Maftei is distinguished by the documentation very rich, as well as rigorous analysis of the work of A. Smith. It is a very interesting book that addresses mainly economists, but also those interested in work and life of one of the greatest economists of all time, Adam Smith.

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