Tourism and travel practice. Worksheets and exercises

Tourism and travel practice. Worksheets and exercises

Autors: Gabriela Stanciulescu, Andreea Marin-Pantelescu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-155-3

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The book "Tourism and travel practical. Worksheets and exercises "(The practice of tourism and travel. Worksheets and exercises) is structured in three parts: Problems solved and proposed project operations and travel techniques and worksheets. The first part consists of 20 issues resolved, together with another 20 issues of the same type to be solved, that exercise, after the previous model. Some of the topics of these issues are: the relative preference for tourism, market share of travel agency, Lorentz-Gini curve analysis of the degree of concentration of travel expenses, Media receipt of tourists and the average tourist expenditure, setting the selling price of a tourism product, warranty contract concluded between the travel agency and hotel Air fares type 1 / 2, the relative level of expenditure on wages in a travel agency, the index arithmetic calculation of accommodation capacity, calculate the index of the degree of satisfaction of tourists, calculating the average for the category of comfort from the tourism, charge calculation and the calculation of a single room tariff for a double room type 1 / 2, establishing Hubbart formula room, rate of occupation in a hotel, pricing rules for a restaurant menu, labor productivity in the travel agency, analysis of key financial ratios of the travel agency, breakeven point (without carrying out a win) in an entertainment company.
The second part briefly presents a model for international tourism project, a written agreement concluded between a tour operator and travel agency, and an operating agreement between a travel agency in Austria and one from Romania.
The last part of the book comprises four chapters with 34 worksheets on: tourism and recreation services, travel agency activities, hotel activities and those in the restaurant.

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