Treatise Database, volume 1

Treatise Database, volume 1

Autors: Ion Lungu, Adela Bara, Constanta Bodea, Iuliana Botha, Vlad Diaconita, Alexandra Florea, Anda Velicanu

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-472-1 / 978-606-505-481-3 vol.1

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The paper is structured in 13 equal chapters, in which are analyzed: relational databases, the object-oriented one, distributed, geographic, multimedia, mobile and data warehouses. Literature quotations are perfectly combined and completed with well reasoned opinions of the authors.

At the end of each chapter there are bibliographic notes that guide the reader who wishes to deepen knowledge of the issues presented. For the main data models, relational and object-oriented, are described in detail and with great professionalism, in separate chapters, theoretical concepts of the model, and how to achieve its based systems. Also in separate chapters are discussed data warehouses and how are they made.

The content is presented gradually, from concepts, definitions, math formulas, architecture, design and implementation of best practices, complete source code that can be embodied in complex applications. Many of the chapters are supplemented by case studies.

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