Volleyball – Methodical guide

Volleyball – Methodical guide

Autors: Cristina Hantau

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0023-0

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        The current paper called „Volleyball – Methodical guide” initiates, orientates and helps both young physical education professors who teach volleyball but also those who practice and teach other sports, in teaching volleyball during physical education classes. 

        Out of all other sports, volleyball has a certain degree of learning difficulty and especially when talking about perfecting technical and tactical actions. The required set of moves required for playing this beautiful game contains traits that people must gain and are not born with.

        This is the main reason we need to gain rightfully, any mistakes being hard to mend, mistakes that can occur in every aspect of the training process.

        This methodical guide helps those interested to follow the necessary steps and to choose the right ways for every particular volleyball skill.

        We must say that to all operational methods presented in this book many more others can be added, imagination, skills and talent of those interested being decisive here.

        We therefore express our hope and confidence this methodical guide is useful to specialists but also to the wide audience interested in this sporting activity, material that can be developed and enhanced according to the required level on which it will be practiced.


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