Volleyball. Basic Theoretical Elements

Volleyball. Basic Theoretical Elements

Autors: Cristina Hantau

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-827-9

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This paperwork is designed to whom it may wish a deeper learning of the volleyball both as sport of mass and performance. 

The book may be a tutorial both for young or persons who would like to practice this beautiful team game and specialists in the field.


First part of the book presents the elements and updated information needed by an outsider or a specialist in the field.  

 Further on we introduce the minimal knowledge about volleyball game’s technique and strategy under descriptive form, kymogramms and diagrams to make the learning easier with no special efforts.  


The last chapter describes the main regulation elements subject to all volleyball features (court, players, referees, rules of the game) needed to the beginners who wish to practice this sport by their own.  

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