Written communication in international affairs / Bilingual edition Romanian-French

Written communication in international affairs / Bilingual edition Romanian-French

Autors: Maria Dragan

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 973-594-877-X / 978-973-594-877-1

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Mrs. Green assistant professor. Dr. Maria Dragan book is inscribed in the collection "Communication in the economy" of the ASE Publishing. Communication is a very important aspect of our times. The paper addresses the issue of written communication in international affairs. In trade between two countries there is a common language of communication between partners and a series of coded international trade procedures.
The paper "Communication écrite dans les affaires internationales" is an interdisciplinary work – as shown in the Foreword the author, placing it at the intersection of two disciplines: international trade and specialized French (business, legal and financial). International communication is treated bilingual, in Romanian and with examples in French.
The work insists on the practical aspects of written communication and therefore opens with a part entitled "Savoir and savoir-faire. Theory and methodology”. International commercial contract, which is actually international contract law, a sort of "shield" tells how the author, is the core of the book. It analyzes the various types of international communication – communication "upstream" of the contract, the contract which is legal communication and communication "downstream" of the contract.
Part II of the paper, entitled "Fair", is a collection of applications and professional correspondence international exercises, designed in a progression from simple to complex.
With experience in finance, banking and commercial Romanian practice, the author presents case studies and original simulations that add value to the book. By creating a language instrument adequate for business correspondence in French, a collection of exercises, simulations and case studies, by developing a group of commercial correspondence models, by describing the unfolding of a letter from A to Z by correspondence, this book was set up as an innovative work, very well structured and very useful.

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